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To complete and use your FREE Safety Leadership Practices Self-Assessment:


Follow these steps to get the most benefit from your Safety Leadership Practices Self Assessment.

Step 1.  Download the Introductory Booklet from the link above and read and complete the workbook section at the back of the Booklet.  

Step 2.  Download the 4D Safety App for iPad from the Apple App Store or access it directly on the web (if you haven’t already done so).

Step 3.  Click on the Free User Registration and enter your email address.  Then create a username and password to complete your login.

Step 4.  When logged in select the Safety Leadership Practices Self Assessment and complete the 21 questions and click submit. 

Step 5.  The App will email a report to you (your Safety Leadership Practices Self Assessment).

Step 6.  Read and review your report.  Please note, this report can be used in two ways, it is firstly a self assessment to help you understand how effective your leadership practices are for creating a values based commitment to working safely.  Secondly, it is a development tool that you can use to guide you in identifying where you might need to develop your leadership skills and practices.

The report is made up of 4 sections.  These are:

  • Belief (Shared Meaning)
  • Mindset (our Focus)
  • Action
  • Results

Step 7.  On page 4 of the report there is space for you to enter your scores for these 4 sections.  For each section add up your scores and divide by the number of questions in that section to get your score for that section. 

Step 8.  Add the scores for the 4 sections and divide by 4 to get your total score for your Safety Leadership Practices Self Assessment. (See example below)

*  Please note that the Coach’s Score column is only used in the paid user version of the 4D Safety App.

Step 9.  The 10 point scale and what the scores mean are described in the table at the end of the report.  A score below 8 indicates an opportunity for development. 

Step 10.  The purpose of this self-assessment is to help all leaders provide great safety leadership i.e. an overall score of 8 or higher. In addition, the score for each question should be an 8 or higher (in the green).  You can use the individual questions to understand your specific development needs.  


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About the 4D Safety App and your FREE Safety Leadership Practices Self Assessment


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Understanding the 4th Dimension of Safety


What is 4D Safety®

  • 4D Safety® is a proven approach that focuses on the 4th Dimension of safety performance – safety leadership.
  • 4D Safety® provides a framework to help safety leaders be more effective.
  • It helps leaders focus on the key leadership practices that have been proven to really drive safety performance.
  • Great leadership creates engaged and committed workers.
  • The outcome is ownership and self-governing work teams who work safely.


4D Safety® has been designed to:

  • Allow senior managers to track and monitor the safety leadership in their business.  This is done through a Dashboard that tracks lead indicators of safety leadership performance at team and individual level.  This effectively enables managers to be confident that what they expect to happen is actually happening.
  • The 4D Safety® tools also provide measurement and feedback to help individuals target any identified areas for development.

The online tools that are part of the 4D Safety® framework include:

  • The Site Safety Leadership Review – a review process that achieves two critical functions, firstly, to provide guidance and feedback at the individual level and secondly for managers it confirms that the expected safety leadership practices are actually happening in their work teams.
  • The Safety Leadership Practices Self Assessment – a self-assessed individual development tool.
  • The Safety Leadership Profile – an upward feedback tool that was developed from our research of effective leadership practices in over a 1,000 work teams across three companies.
  • Pre-task Safety Meeting Feedback – EARS ON 4 Safety ® – a work team review and development tool used to improve the effectiveness of pre-task meetings.
  • STOP the Job Meeting Review – a simple work team review and development tool used to ensure that lessons are learned out of a “Stop the Job” situation.
  • Post Task or After Action Review – one of the reasons Special Forces perform as well as they do is that they are continually learning and tapping into the vast knowledge and experience in their teams.  With a detailed knowledge of the After Action Review process we have designed a tool to help industry work teams create the climate needed for workplace learning.
  • 4D Safety Dashboard – the dashboard enables a composite view of the safety leadership performance of a team or cohort of leaders in an organisation.


A good metaphor for how these tools work is to think of the different views of an onion when cut on different angles.  Each of these cross sections looks very different; however each of them is a valid picture of what the onion looks like from that angle.  The message is that one cross section on its own does not provide a complete understanding of the whole onion.

The 4D Safety ® tools are the same in that each of them has been specifically designed to provide a different cross sectional view of the team or the individual. 

The power of the 4D Safety® Dashboard is that it enables a simple and easily understood composite view of all the different views.

To find out more about 4D Safety® please click on the image below to go to the 4D Safety website or contact Safety Leaders Group.