Our Values


We value mutual trust as the foundation for all successful relationships.

We work in partnership with you to develop solutions.

We provide the highest quality and most beneficial solution.

We strive to create solutions that are best suited to your needs.

Continuous learning and growth
We are committed to continuously improving our solutions.

We want our clients to go home better than the day before.

We enjoy life and learning with our clients.

Who We Are


SLG is a unique organization of leadership, safety and research professionals with real-world, hands-on experience in solving safety issues facing your business.  The principals in our organization have over 25 years of expertise in their fields, providing complementary knowledge and experience that enables us to offer world-class effective solutions to our clients.




Our Vision 


To create successful and sustainable cultures
where safety is an integral part of business




Our Mission


To engage people to understand and truly believe that
"Who CARES Wins" -
Creating an Achievement oriented, Relationship based, Endeavour Sustainably



Key Principles of the SLG Philosophy


The key messages for organizations in the SLG philosophy are:

  • Injury free performance is not something that you manage your way to; it is something that leaders create.
  • Safety performance issues can be effectively addressed through good leadership.
  • A culture of safety starts with a commitment from the organizations leaders to create it.
  • Ultimately safety is personal; everyone in the organization must be responsible for creating the safety culture.