"Having systems and procedures doesn't keep us safe - unless people use them."

Brett Read
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 Our Approach


Are you sure that your organization's approach to safety is working?


Wherever you are on your journey in Safety performance improvement, we believe that Safety Leaders Group can help you.

Current safety performance across industries is testament that the typical approach is not working - it is not sustainable.  It is based on current thinking which is insufficient; thinking that does not get it.

This quote from Albert Einstein nails it:

"A problem cannot be solved from the same level of thinking that created it." 



SLG on Leadership - Who CARES Wins ®


Does your organization have a clear understanding of safety leadership and what it looks like?


Achieving a No-Incident, No One Gets Hurt Culture is not just a management problem; it is also a leadership problem.  In fact, our view, based on years of experience, is that most safety problems happen, not because of poor management, but because of poor leadership.


SLG on Culture


Are you clear on how to create a safety culture in your organization?


Observations have led us to speculate on how culture influences safety and to recognize that cultural type is a fundamental determinant of safety outcomes. 



The Integral Nature of Safety Performance


Is your Safety approach integral to your operations?


Many companies espouse an intention for Safety to be integral in their operations, but when you ask them what that means they struggle to clearly define what integral means or what it looks like in practice. 

SLG uses a model adapted from work done Ken Wilber in his "Theory of Integral Consciousness" (Wilber, 1997).  The way in which we use the Integral Model allows us to clearly identify what is meant by an integral approach and it enables an organization to communicate its intent and analysie its operations in very specific terms.  Through this dialogue and ongoing work in applying key principles of an integral approach, SLG has developed a new way of thinking about how to achieve sustainable safety performance and a new way of acting to eliminate and mitigate risk.



A New Way of Thinking about Sustainable Safety Performance


Is your approach to safety sustainable?


The most important message from the research and applied practice is that safety performance is first and foremost driven by core executive decisions regarding their employees.  In other words, safety excellence starts with executive leadership.